About J. S. Oppenheim

In Brief

M.A., English Language and Literature, University of Maryland, College Park, 1988
M.A., Outdoor Recreation Resources Management, University of Maryland, College Park, 1985
B.A., English, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 1977

Business: Communicating Arts, Hagerstown, Maryland — http://www.communicating-arts.com

Art and Culture Blogs

Communicating Arts – The Journal: http://commartsjournal.com/
J. S. Oppenheim – All Together: https://jsoppenheim.com/
Oppenheim Arts & Letters: http://commart.typepad.com

Politics Blog: Conflict BackChannels: http://conflict-backchannels.com/

The Big Picture of Online Social Network Activity

Rebel Mouse : https://www.rebelmouse.com/JS_Oppenheim/

At Length

I have the best of many worlds in what I like to call my “mansion inside a cabin inside an apartment by the woods on the eastern edge of western Maryland.”

For the past few years, I’ve enjoyed some weird combination of enthusiasm for foreign affairs in the Washington way laid over a still sturdy Hollywood-in-Maryland base.

Today, for once, I have all the immediate resource I need to succeed, from Jim’s Bar and Grill and Home Theater to Jim’s “Miniversity” Library (2,000 volumes and growing plus a fair virtual library on a Kindle Fire), reading room (well, okay, there’s a bed in the bedroom and a leather sofa in the theater), and studio.

If the place and I were planted in the Right Big Economy, things would be very cool: I’m beyond competent in my arts and generally socialize well; however, this place ain’t in Manhattan or set out somewhere along Santa Monica Boulevard: it’s just a little place tucked away in rural Washington County, Maryland.  If it works, it’s going to work by way of the World Wide Web.

If I have to show up, general editorial, music, and photography services remain ready (and sometimes used).

If I don’t have to show up, editorial and research services remain deliverable worldwide.  (To smooth things along for that, Paypal, PDF write and read capabilities, and Skype provide for contract support and face time).

How It Got To Be a Long, Lonely Strange Trip

My compass pointed directly toward music at a young age, but I will save the story of that tragedy for a post one day.  Here it should suffice to suggest that when one clips the leading bud of a growing tree, expect branching — then clip that and the next that appears!

I won’t go down so far as “Shrubya” — I’ve had to fight for every year I’ve had engaged with literature, music, and photography — but, in essence, that is what has happened, and perhaps I have gotten far afield with my almost 600 Facebook buddies associated with an account built around central cultural and political affinities.

Mine has been one of those “long strange trips” but the present real space reality, so I am fond of repeating, remains “life inside a mansion inside a cabin inside an apartment by the woods on the eastern edge of western Maryland.”

Additional Bio On this Blog

Life with Music

Photography: Life with a Camera

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