July’s Stormy Hot Weather Retreat

Storm Coming, Hagerstown, Maryland, July 18, 2012.

“Gal Pal”: married!

Georgia Boy, Tuesday Nights: done.

Staycation: on.

I really don’t want to be bothered.

Although there are many ways for being bothered.

First to go: the volunteer analyzing, arguing, and tracking both the Islamic Small Wars and the Middle East Conflict.

By my own authority, I am ordering myself off to 30 days fundamental R&R on all that.

I expect the conflicts will survive my absence.

Next in line: bon voyage, Facebook buddies.

From Riyadh to Lahore, London to Tel Aviv, sail on through the magnetosphere without me, me ever brave and true revolutionary mates.

You’ll be fine.

It’s I who need the Big Break from continuous chatyping, not that I haven’t enjoyed and been intellectually, socially, and spiritually (but not financially) enriched by it.

Next layer removed: the synagogue, the committees, the choir — not that much of that’s going on anyway.  When I get bored, I’ll help out with the new web and chat some about a certain incompletely conceptualized garden and park — but that’s all!

Easy on the Island, Hunter Hill, Hagerstown, Maryland, July 2012.

No need to move the feet: one just takes the mind somewhere else, and so I am packing up mine and taking it to Hemingway and Le Carré.

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