Pass Along — “This History of English in Ten Minutes”

I’ll publish this also at Oppenheim Arts & Letters, just to amuse the one or two readers I have on that Typepad (hiss, boo) site.

Listen: I like my Typepad site, as intellectual as it may be, and while it hasn’t brought me fame and fortune, it may turn out a blog for a certain global elite (of which I had hoped, like Jude, that obscure one, to become a part).

Lucky catch with the Lumix — a butterfly warms its wings on the other side of my office window.

The inspiration, camped out, Sunday afternoon, and going on to read Daniel Silva’s The Fallen Angel — a Cranberry-Pomegranate Martini.

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2 Responses to Pass Along — “This History of English in Ten Minutes”

  1. alicebrook1502 says:

    Invisible college, is it something like Unseen University? Have I stumbled upon a Pratchett fan? 🙂

    • commart says:

      Normally, I’d say I’d rather compete with the bastard (and we’re all bastards in this game) but I’m havin’ a devil of a time escapin’ the web. It’s not so much that it consumes my days, but rather my preparation for it — English major (M.A.), 80-WPM typing, natural interests in language and psychology — have just primed me for life online! Of course, just as this virtual role (I’ll see you on Facebook), which I love, takes off, I get the music gig in the restaurant on the south side of town. I ask myself: what would Art Garfunkle do? Fortunately, or not, we know the answer to that. –jso

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