Out on the Wild Wild World Wide Web

Say it three times fast.

For the curious: the Martini (previous post): 2-oz. Bombay Dry Gin, 1/2-oz. Martini and Rossi Extra Dry Vermouth, 2 – old salad bar olives.

I’m going to post this, stumble into the kitchen, and fix a sandwich.

Right away, you can see I believe in the serial comma!


Where did I spend my day?


With who?

Buddies from Pakistan, Scotland, the United Arab Emirate, India, Israel, the independent state of Brooklyn, also New Zealand, Australia, Lebanon, Ecuador . . . Suddenly, I’m wondering if I know anyone in Syria.

Not yet.

Iran, in-country: forget about it!


I suppose I could I hunt up a Skype session in Cairo or Alexandria at this point.

Those of you who travel, especially Bucket List girl, know how wild this can get.

We’re practically living in the United Israel (Palestine) European South of the Equator People’s Republic of Earth!

Wears me out!

And I apologize to all lumped into “South of the Equator”.

I’ve had the great privilege to have just possibly processed the last 80-column card on a Univac at the University of Maryland, pre-IBM-PC, so have had this extraordinary journey from Kaypro (yeah, like anyone remember those dark green-gray screens and bright green letters) to Skype and the mind boggling Star Trek prepped odyssey in English connecting minds worldwide.

At my desktop.

So Virtual Pasha here has had his (Bombay) gin out on the deck, no food, and, confession, I keep the Martini glass in the freezer, so by design I wanted nothing to interfere with that below-freezing icy cold and deeply penetrating adult confection and its effects.

Call me Hawkeye.

At such a moment, I understand him.

If nothing else, almost Alan Aldish out on the web and returned ever so gently to real space, I have done my part today for World Peace.

So leave an old bachelor to return home from adventures around the world and the simple pleasure of a ham and cheese sandwich (while standing up, of course, at the counter beside the stove).

I so want to slip in “Virginia ham” about that sandwich, but the contributing parts — oat bread to said ham — hail from a very good local-to-regional Amish market — could be from Virginia but Maryland or Pennsylvania are more likely states of origin and would fit just as well.

In any case, it’s good to be home — body, mind, and soul.

Catalina, Hanging Basket, Balcony Garden, August 1, 2012. The reflection of light from the balcony slider provides the soft orange light on the balcony side of the basket.

And I am starving!

But, thank God, in a good way.

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