Autumn – All Together Then

My Lightroom archive derives primarily from “digital capture” and the period after which I built my XP “box” — that would be early 2007.

Off the bat, nix the thousands of slides and some color negatives from earlier decades.  While that still leaves a few “nice shots”, it also leaves out 70 percent or more of the collected “take” in its totality.

Nonetheless, here with recent posts, you can practically see me waffling between “showcasing” obscenely warm, sentimental, and, sigh, trite “autumn color” pictures one at a time or, as you are about to see — hang on — just mashing a few together, about 40 images, for a slide show.

When a 57-year-old man makes like a seven-year-old boy and stoops, literally, to shooting leaves on the macadam of the built path around the local duck pond, something has gone terribly wrong!

Actually, a lot of things have gone wrong.

That’s another story.

Suffice it to say, I sometimes have to get out of the apartment just to experience a little time outside, so much time being manacled by books and web chatyping.  Then too, with the way I feel, CLL kicking in or not, venturing longer drives and more serious hikes — it seems I’ve fallen too soon into doing the least possible — feels worrisome.

That’s a “worrisome” that has to be addressed.

The essential support systems — wheels, cameras — are “good to go”.

I’d feel better with more photography (or research) business but am not starving and can bust through this part (or put up pictures of ducks paddling in shallow water, God forbid).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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