Busted! But the Finger Will Live.

Digital tragedy strikes “writer, photographer, musician” . . . .


Right hand, long finger, first segment, tendon over the knuckle, AKA “mallet finger” (#&%@! fitted sheet, mattress, and contoured convex foot board).


Splint: two-inch “ski tip” with foam padding; tape: 3M micropore waterproof; no docs — Kaiser “urgent care” was two counties away.

Good news: I can handle the Lumix Lx5 “high-end point-and-shoot” using only my left hand!

Bad news: The splint stays on four weeks plus two — then, probably, nights.

Good news: I own a 19th Century-style home library.

Reading planned: Wistrich’s big book on anti-Semitism.

Reading now: Hebron Jews: Memory and Conflict in the Land of Israel.

Wisdom recalled from my days working as a production editor for the Journal of Speech and Hearing Research: “We are all only temporarily able.”

Sentiment: my heart and my prayers go out to those who have suffered more permanently debilitating accidents.

All things considered, I am blessed with a fine winter for reading.

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