Come, Take a Walk With Me

I do miss WordPress’s video-style photo compilation utility.

That I have a good eye — more than a cliche, it’s literally true here as I fall apart with the scouting parties of disability and death: macular degeneration (the left eye’s still good!), a broken “long finger” (the doctor will see it this week); and leukemia (I’m wanted, emphatically, 70 minutes away by those who count the WBCs) — helps with the sense of confinement, isolation, and solitude, much enforced by the damaged finger curtailing my guitar playing and singing, which definitely wins friends, even on the door step of 60 years, and gets in the way, somewhat, of handling a DSLR.  In fact, I never imagined how valuable the point-and-shoot Lumix Lx5 would be for me.  Even with the barrel extension on for filters, with the small bag I use (it’s convenient for hauling anywhere and easy to handle even with one hand.

Followers may get a sense of how I shoot just going out for a walk, and there’s not much, if anything, that anyone else wouldn’t do armed about the same; still, now and then, there’s something interesting in the take — in the above I really like the snowy tennis court series — and perhaps there’s something encouraging too about perceiving possibilities.  The building reflected in the surface of a pond (and flipped) provides that kind of “now I see it”.

I shall never stand accused of not having stopped to smell the roses or, more often, having looked twice at something completely common and found a way of treating it literally, obsessively, and a little creatively.

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