Fresh Prints – “American Farm Girl”, Washington County, Maryland, April 2010

American Farm Girl

Nothin’s over.

I turned “Bertha” on and fed her fresh HP Vivera “Matte Black”, and she seems happy again turning out half a dozen of that above (white margins, no black border).  The print work she does remains impressive.  HP abandoned her a while ago, and I’ve no idea how much longer her inks will remain available, but she’s a joy for the eyes.

The prints are near flawless — the actual print is, but one just showed up with a mark on the border, easily matted out.

Or withheld.

Let the market decide.

P.S.: Bertha ate the last glossy sheet, so there would have been only five prints at best.  Now are there are four.  Hmm.  Maybe not.  The paper was Inkpress Luster, and there was pack enough for reloading!

P.P.S.: There are six prints — I’ll call that a decent end of day.

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