About “Bloody Lane” — The Photograph

You know the tower towers over the track between the fields.

However, a “wedding lens” — for those who know their Nikon inventory, the Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8 — makes short work of that.

I recall the shot (next tile) as hand-held, which is not so big a deal by daylight with a wide angle.

Posted now and then on my blogs, the image is part of a series, and of it, possibly the most “iconic”, the most likely to become a part of the contemporary visual lore associated with what had been prior to battle an innocuous farmer’s track.

“The road was ordered held at all costs. The Federals tried numerous times to overrun the road, unit after unit falling back under the rain of fire from the Confederate position. Finally, a vantage point was reached where the Union troops could fire down upon the road’s defenders. It became like shooting animals in a slaughter pen and “Bloody Lane” soon filled with bodies, stacked four and five feet deep.”


I dropped by with the best gear I had, and its fortuitous that I had it, for one really should see the road primarily and the tower as the afterthought.

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