On The Delaware Shore, October 2001






So let’s say that on an Indian Summer day in 2001, I took your picture in the standard “Time for Prints” fashion, albeit the modern “CD/DVD” sufficing for prints.

Then you went your way and I mine.

Twelve years later, rather like aged wine, albeit with a “commercial” flair as faux fashion fashion photography goes, you look back from somewhere that notes a celebrity career or status somewhere in the middle of the decade. Perhaps, although stage name, true name, and at least one image online seem to match).

Should I here have slipped a name into the title? Or a signal into the metadata?

Young Americans dallying with the glamour industries get into costumes and roles, actually do them in myriad ways, and then slip away into other dimensions of their lives.

Prior to this era, the picture from when “mom was a flapper smoking cigarettes” was pulled from a shoe box, a scrapbook, an old album.

All in the family.

If not, the old material-based TFP assured the commercial photographer’s range for studio promotion — to print, advertise, circulate a postcard or flyer — had print run and area-served limits.

This thing, this Internet thingy, ain’t got ’em.

Instead, nouns are keys for both organizing and retrieving lost material.

On the above set, I’ve thrown those away.

If the model or former model is clever, she’ll be able to find this set (of which she has a copy), but may not be found from it.  However, get fame into the mix and that’s not going to work.

Instead, an eyebrow or two will rise, signalling, “Look at _____ from twelve years ago!”

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