Is It A Snapshot If . . .

You change lenses?


Or try to take the shot by setting the bag on your knees and the camera on the bag?

I think it still is.

Dean was looking for a coffin marker.

I was doing my best with a now ancient 70-210mm f/4-5.6 Nikkor (Quantaray filter on top).

Did You Get Out Of The Car?

My way of describing “level of effort” in photography: did you get out of the car?

Did you go up to the fence?

Did you get into the pasture?

Did you walk up to the bull?

Of course there are many other questions, and for enthusiasts disinterested in shops selling delicate china and crystal, the first among them should be: “Did you bring your tripod!?”


Nikon’s VRII technology in the 16-85mm has picked up a lot of slack, and traveling with other purposes in mind has dampened the must-bring signal of the carbon-fiber ‘pod, but still . . . it would have been nice to have had it along.

Readers may view the result (using the old “bag on knee” trick) in the previous post.

Even the dinky — but very good — Lumix Lx5, with which I’ve idled out a year, has a selling point in its base tripod mount.

Credit accepted — not that you offered — nonetheless, for getting out of the apartment, down the road, and out of the car.


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