One Half Pound of Pure Colombian Wow!


Across all the years I had a ready passport, I used it but once — and bravely drove across the border into Canada.

With a another man’s wife.

In an old pickup truck, kind of like “Bertha” (my HP B9180 printer): you never knew if it was going to work.

But that’s another story for another time.

Now I have more than 550 Facebook buddies all over the world, would I had the business to visit them all!

And the ready passport.

I think I can do something about that, for I believe I shall again have to escape to Canada (in J. Peterman style: “for a cup of exceptionally crafted Java Mama roasted bean brewed somewhere in that movie making Canadian town that competes with Baltimore”).


Roasted by my namesake, Susan Oppenheim.

If you’re in Toronto and see her at her roaster, say hello (no need to mention the, um, international travel . . . it was a long time ago . . . memorable . . . yet still  . . . back there a ways).

And one more note (while I’m sipping the goods): unless you plan on falling asleep somewhere around, oh, say 5 a.m., this is not bedtime coffee!

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1 Response to One Half Pound of Pure Colombian Wow!

  1. Thank you
    I roast out of my building where I live by appointment-free cookies and a cup n every visit

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