Eating Chocolate, Sipping Coffee

Two days: no sales on the Amazon Kindle e-publishing adventure.


I’ve read Nicholas Sparks, and I so do not wish to write that badly.

Then too, I’m practically in Nora Roberts’ back yard — true: 30 minutes, if that, to her bookstore and cafe in Boonsboro (Maryland), and my soul would probably fare better getting in its chocolate and coffee fix in that atmosphere rather than in the blacked out (for photography) recess of my office and its desktop environment.

Despite myself, I will probably wind up playing music in bars.

* * *

The really right response to the post-publication blues?

Rest deep — then get started on the next book!

Oh, yeah, while I’m at it in this shared note to self: trade off a little of that 27-year-old hot shot for the 57-year-old cool daddy within.

Then,  (old guy’s code for “nap”) rest deep .

Start fresh.

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2 Responses to Eating Chocolate, Sipping Coffee

  1. Hang on on in there, it’s early days! Laura

  2. commart says:

    Thank you, Laura. Indeed, it’s early days all over again. There’s a different feel to them — much more comfortable (for now); I’ve a feeling as other online habits and stops get rearranged the resurgent ambition may be fierce, but this time it has more secure space and a little bit of connection.

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