Rebel Mouse Scares Me!

Easy on the Island, Hunter Hill, Hagerstown, Maryland, July 2012

It really does.

Up to this day in time, much of what we have done even in public communication has involved masking off interests and speaking to one audience at a time.

Much has also involved not talkin’ about ourselves!

So much.

For the chatyping classes, Rebel Mouse is the most direct of communication mirrors: “Oh, that’s what all the posterbating has been about!”

And what a spread.

With multiple registered domain names and hosts, it’s getting to be an expensive spread too.

Odds and Ends

There has been a hint of new business in the air, an as-told-to biography, and I’m working the contracting and development issues on that.

A score of days spent indoors has convinced that continuing such may be part of a fast track to death, the leukemia a mere nuisance compared to “life online” accompanied by real space isolation — and those two do have a relationship, albeit not perfectly correlating.

Summer reading on the bed: Le Carré’s A Delicate Truth.

Abused and ignored and ready for picking up: my camera gear.

Countermeasure for days indoors: running errands!

I could stand to run off some weight too — or go in for long walks to do it.

Mumble and grumble.

But go!  Get out!



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