Tower, Bloody Lane, Obstructed, Autumn, Antietam National Battlefield Park, Sharpsburg, Maryland, October 23, 2013

Tower, Bloody Lane, Obstructed, Autumn, Antietam National Battle

I’m generally classical, rule-of-thirds, clear line to the subject, clean composition, all that, but I just liked the relationship between the tree and the tower at the end of the famed “Bloody Lane”.

My issue at the moment: should I write about the experience here but publish whatever else comes up on the light table in the journal or on the new Communicating Arts web site?

My Blog Estate has developed from early uptake with one blog (and the business had a dowdy frames-based web site with some cool photo collections on it) to splitting apart art from politics while keeping the business represented.  Of late, I’ve migrated the main business site in the WordPress fashion.

Put it on the business site?  Keep it here in the more intimate but kitschy journal?  Throw it over to the more developed and cool looking business journal?

Communicating Arts?

Communicating Arts–The Journal?

Or this place?

I’d like to see the old “Oppenheim Arts & Letters” become a magazine with lots of guest artists and writers and zero wonky political analysis (BackChannels has been growing, incidentally, now reaching readers in more than 65 nations monthly).

I had a terrific afternoon Out There (about 25 minutes from my door), and I’m starving, so while I attend to that, if you like what you see or are one of my subscribers, comment.

Note: I had to move the Communicating Arts main web to save and possibly make some money — that thing is now on a reseller account: yes, I can register, administer, and build webs (WordPress or Joomla — at least I’ve figured out how that one works) for others but haven’t gotten down a routine.  Yet).


Tech Notes on the Photo: Nikon D200 finessed with Lightroom 3.6 with the yet free OnOne plug-ins integrated.  I have a standard curve plus sharpening adjustment I call “heightened” (secret formula) and seem fond of straightening and dodging tools and then some vignette options.  Whatever works, works.

This was the appetizer, as it were, for today’s abandonment of the desktop and a long and vigorous walk around the local national park.

Woodlot, Hunter Hill, Hagerstown, Maryland, October 22, 2013

Terribly Kincaidish, it’s a section of the, um, dog walk outside my building.

But it looks like New England to me!

# # #

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