The Compadres, Benny’s Pub, Hagerstown, Maryland, November 15, 2013

The Compadres, Benny's Pub, Hagerstown, Maryland, November 15, 2

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The really soulful pictures — musician portraits — are living at Communicating Arts–The Journal.

As may be seen by the above, the Nikon D200’s own strobe — a snap shooter if ever was — handles a bit of space quite well.

I was heading out the door when the dancing began (having courted the flu most of the day, I hadn’t expected on going out at all, and once out knew that I would make a short evening of it: a beer, an hour, a camera, and a little bit of presence on the local music scene) and didn’t want to rig up again with a flash unit.

Last week or so, I had some fun using Lightroom tools to bleed a positive background on to the web page; this evening, I played around in the other direction, fade-to-black vignettes with dodged spotlighting.  Such effects plus palette change impression quite a bit.

Two lessons learned about photojournalism along the way, both familiar to those who have given the matter a moment’s thought: 1) photographs lie, often; 2) a picture seldom “tells a thousand words” or “a story”: to the contrary, it often takes a thousand words to tell the viewer, honestly, about what has been recorded.

A photograph is, has been, will be always a recording of a surface reality freighted with intimations.  Entertainers leave definition to the viewer’s imagination; photojournalists needs must provide captions (and refrain from doctoring overmuch).

Many years ago with the advent of the “digital revolution”, I proposed differentiating between a “Type I Photography” aligned with fidelity to the real, i.e., “straight photography” and “Type II Photography” intent on coloring and illustrating after the exposure (there were some rousing discussions too about “Response Photography” — photographer as tourist in an extant reality — and “Constructed Photography”, i.e., photographer as a producer and director importing elements into the frame.

Considering in retrospect the prodigious verbiage that went into that art colony shop talk ( for the curios), I could have been writing short stories and novels.

Sometimes, perhaps especially these days with so many concept-to-post-production options at the desktop, one might do just as well to enjoy the art and not worry it to death with interminable discussions about method.


The Compadres, Benny's Pub, Hagerstown, Maryland, November 15, 2


The Compadres, Benny's Pub, Hagerstown, Maryland, November 15, 2

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