I’ll call for pen and ink, and write my mind

I’ll have my own thoughts soon on what I call “19th Century Modern” but thought my creative writing, photography, and music fans would enjoy this “revert’s” entry from his blog. –Jim

Idle Expatter

Years ago, while working in politics, the personal power of handwritten correspondence was impressed upon me. Like most people my age, I had never really bothered with writing by hand – not when I could type 100+ words per minute (yes, really). The act of writing out even a postcard made my fingers cramp and my shoulder ache.

Something about it stuck with me, though. The way that a handwritten note was almost instantly memorable; the reactions people had to the thoughtfulness of a letter over an e-mail. I bought some nice Crane & Co. stationery for a little extra “oomph” when I wanted or needed it. Then (as some of you may recall) a friend led me to Bibliographica journals, and that was another step up in my treatment of the written word.

While I was raving about my new journal to everybody I knew, my buddy…

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