Malled by the Mailbox

1816 (Remington)
32 Bar Blues
Ben Silver, Charleston
Bullock and Jones
Carbon 2 Cobalt
Charles Tyrwhitt
Cooper Jones Supply
Duluth Trading Company
Eddie Bauer
Front Gate

Home Decorators Collection
Guideboat Co.

Hammacher Schlemmer

Johnston and Murphy
J. W. Hulme Company
J. Peterman Company
Kansas City Steaks
King Ranch
L. L. Bean

Mountain Khakis
MH –
Norm Thompson
Onward Reserve
Patrick James
Paul Frederick
Pen Chalet
Rail Riders
Sharper Image
Territory Ahead
The Field
Williams & Kent


The “food court” is my kitchen.

My e-tailors have no idea how few discretionary dollars they are actually chasing, nor how little closet space I have left for anything I don’t actually get to in the course of the seasons.

Be that as it may, I’ve learned a few things about online shopping, menswear, and living in a small town in the countryside about 90 minutes from Washington, D.C., first and foremost: life’s just easier dressing down for apartment (!) keeping chores, for cooking, and actually going out to shop at Lowe’s.

Add a little cancer to this — truly, a little — and it’s worth having some good things in the closet . . . some Barbour (for rain), some respectable Orvis wear for travel to the local favorite restaurant bar . . . but once you have the “good stuff”, it may not need to be replaced, not in this lifetime.

My acquisition categories: garden and garage; casual home bar, library and theater; road trips; marryin’ and buryin’.

Ah, but the seasons!

I’ve figured out that there are actually 12 of them: early, middle, late x winter, spring, summer, and fall.

It gets tricky.

Where to start?


Then shoes.

# # #

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