Watch Me Work!

Before rebuilding my computer, I had to back up about a terabyte’s worth of drives.  The reassembled box features 2.5 Terabytes of drive — now that is a modern guy’s idea of a “clean slate”! — and given my circumstance it may host a whole lifetime’s worth of best photographs and snapshots, the lion’s share of which have yet to be scanned from negatives and slides.

This alone could comprise a career — any interested poster publishers Out There?


In 2007, evidently, I got on to the then new unit a few scans prized from earlier digital days (TIFF weight: 54MB), and the same on backup disks are what I’m reloading to the main box.

At the moment, my process is to delete earlier perfected web-sized jpegs and keep only NEF and TIFF in inventory, a version of trimming to “fair copy” or “master files” for future use (the “digital asset manager” is Lightroom 3.6, which is as good as the rebuilt box is going to get).

Perhaps at the end of my days I will have a still enjoyable collection of malleable DNG and finalized TIFF files on a single 3.5-inch external drive.  Add a few songs, a collection of short stories, perhaps even a novel (or two) and there will be collected the record of works of an entire life.

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