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Good Morning – I’m Still Here – Until I’m Not

______ ______ ______ Credit the mom with saying, “I’m still here!” About a week before she wasn’t. I have many years to go for that, so I hope, but this has been a tough winter. The worst part, perhaps, has … Continue reading

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FTAC – Trend Shift –> 19th Century Modern

I’ve grown to have mixed feelings about high-tech, which perhaps may come with age and associated conditions, not the least of which has involved “de-defragmenting” time in the manner encouraged by all things gadgety and web. In “19th Century Modern” … Continue reading

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A Comment on Art, Blogs, Photography, Politics, and Social Life Online

This is an old theme carried forward from this arty peacock’s Oppenheim Arts & Letters. Basically, about ten years after the higher-bandwidth online journey began, we all had new gimmicks for taking our minds and spirits out into a new … Continue reading

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Antietam in Color – Something To Do

& ______ I’m inclined to gather what I have of autumn at Antietam National Battlefield Park and fold them into one post as a gallery or slide show for placement on the “CA” blog, and that’s a small project larger … Continue reading

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It Is Killing Me – That Lonely Old Man Wandering in the Park

God bless this old cuss walkin’ around in the rain with a point-and-shoot (Panasonic Lumix Lx5).  Why he doesn’t take one of the Nikons, even the D70, I don’t know.  It’s just easier with the small camera and the “MAG” … Continue reading

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Sailing and Photography: There Were People

The portrait studios may mill out family art, cool and professional with calculated warmth from much practiced methods, but it may be the humble snapshot, the impromptu recording, that turns out the more truly intimate artifact.  For that reason, and … Continue reading

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Ol’ “Oppenheim Arts & Letters” — A Review of Digital Assets

http://commart.typepad.com/oppenheim_arts_letters/2013/07/that-darned-beautiful-logo-shaping-the-web-dimension.html The above URL links to the Typepad mama of the three WordPress blogs I’ve been keeping as business, personal, and conflict journals. But there’s more to the story. I’d close the old blog but have found opportunity to reference … Continue reading

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