A Comment on Art, Blogs, Photography, Politics, and Social Life Online

Road Snaps, South-Central Pennsylvania, November 18, 2013This is an old theme carried forward from this arty peacock’s Oppenheim Arts & Letters.

Basically, about ten years after the higher-bandwidth online journey began, we all had new gimmicks for taking our minds and spirits out into a new world, virtually, literally, a new civilization.  Facebook was in its infancy; Google+ did not exist: we could however read at our desktops the English-language editions of foreign newspapers; and we were introduced to publish-yourself blogging.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

Oh brother . . . .

I’ve been riding this wave for a while and trying to keep worlds from colliding and parallel universes separate.  My divisions in the most abstract and broad terms: academics and politics / business and commerce / real space family and friends / live journaling.

As there is only one you, my reader, I have learned that there is only one me and foregoing the spy’s possibility of keeping separate computers in separate neighborhoods managed by separate persona, the magnetic world is not only flat, it makes its individual nodes easily mapped.

Still, if you’re looking for wall-worthy art, why should you have to be bothered with Facebook wall-worthy political meme or the latest, most dismal story from one of the world’s conflict arenas?

Take it from the author’s side: I want a healthy business or, alternatively, a healthy integration with the global economy (abetted by global banking and communications with English the globe’s predominant international language): how many facets of personality and of dreaming should be Out There, whatever “Out There” means (and let’s keep that “out there” far short of its colloquial intimations among the bipolar and narcissistic sets).


I’d like to see Oppenheim Arts & Letters become an e-zine.

The old frames-based web site has become, indeed, another WordPress blog, but one anchored on a Blue Host reseller’s account — motivate me, and I will figure out how to get that to work for you!

I seem to have trimmed Communicating Arts–The Journal for more edited work, and, frankly, the theme, “Piano Black” was purchased, for when I launched the blog, I thought it would become a main portal for the business, which it has, leaving this space for a more intimate — less edited, more frank, more personal — conversation.


It doesn’t work, does it?

Virtual walls and categories, whether of a commercial or personal nature, are either no longer discrete or may not be discretely maintained.


For authors, ye creative writing types, and artists, ye with pastel-smeared fingertips, there’s everything to be said this minute for the deckle-edged book and the “art gallery” around the house, for with the physical objects, much less the real presence of the real person — and this one really does sing around town, takes “a good picture”, and both owns and reads within a pretty good home library — the feel of the conversation is that between . . . just the two of us, or in public real space, artist and audience.

# # #

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