Note From the Garden

Peppermint Helix, Balcony Garden, Hunter Hill, June 8, 2013

A Note Between the Pictures

My politics blog Conflict BackChannels (“Conflict, Culture, Language, Psychology”) has been picking up about 100 hits a week.

Depending on who’s reading, it will either change the world or not.

My related Facebook community has grown to about 600 buddies, mostly friendly.

Despite evidence of photographic skills and a pretty good investment in the technology, I haven’t had a request for services in the sector in ages, but, as you see, I may at least step out on the balcony and fiddle around in the garden in baskets latched to the railings and suspended from the fascia header.

Let it be no secret: I am looking for work doing what I do and doable from my location either online or in mid-Atlantic real space.

I’ve also added Mustang-ready live music gear (Maui 11 linear array PA system) to my quiver — and with so much at the ready — so many audio, entertainment, library, and video systems at the ready, what a shame to sit not idle but uncompensated.

Then again, it seems I don’t get out much or as much as I once did.  The truth is I’ve been having an “Awesome Conversation” between Facebook forums in which I’m involved with acquaintance from Riyadh to Islamabad — if there’s a Jewish lobby in Pakistan, I am probably it — and with the BackChannels blog with which I’m swimming toward the news from what I call the Internet’s “Second Row Seat to History”.

Big Media has the bucks to compensate citizen-journalists on the street.  I don’t, and yet the social networks, e-mail, and Skype abet cellphone-to-desktop communications, and I feel it’s only a matter of time before I am witness to an event through someone else’s eyes as it unfolds.

That’s going to happen.

Via Skype a couple of years ago (more or less), I’ve watched television from my location in western Maryland with a family in Madrid.

Why not share time on a patio over drinks?

Or receive signal from a war zone under fire?

Nemisia, Balcony Garden, Hunter Hill, June, 2013

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