(Almost) Live! From Hollywood (Hagerstown) in Maryland!

So I was down at the coffee shop

20130303-Lx5-a-003 20130303-Lx5-a-005 20130303-Lx5-a-008

talking to (L-R) Chris, Jake, and Larry — three drummers — and got around to who’s been touring (Jake has in recent memory, down to and around Florida and back but may have other things on his mind these days; Larry’s hiding some Boston-in-the-70s stories along that track; Chris has done some festivals), recording, and making videos.  Well . . . .

I knew Dino and a few of the guys had done this thing, but Larry had The Tablet there at the counter, and I was surprised and pleasantly so.

Hagerstown is really quite nice.

I’ve often called it the Santa Barbara of the D.C. area — far enough out of town to be out of town; close enough to get in for business or a special occasion; (driving an hour to have a doctor look a broken finger — that’s another story).

Dino and The Compadres got it together to get a decent recording from Les Thompson, formerly of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, who has got a studio in the mountains west of the capital == Cabin Studios — and nicely directed by a gent and luthier I’d like to meet — Dan Harris.

Everyone in The Business knows — the community knew ten years ago when I was hanging out with a little bit of it in Baltimore — that desires that involved a large in-town brick and mortar studio would pretty soon find themselves served by pretty good desktop and portable recording gear and software.  That future has come to pass, and perhaps it  transferred more power where it should be: human capital wherever it happens to live.

Let the market decide, but I thought Dino’s tune and the production perfectly shaweet.

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1 Response to (Almost) Live! From Hollywood (Hagerstown) in Maryland!

  1. Lawrence "Larry"Dundus says:

    Hey Jim………. my agent will be in touch with you about the pic. LoL Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllyyy good shots Jim. Keep the Faith.

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