Will Try to Slow It Down (Maybe)

This latest flurious posterbating comes of rediscovering old shots on the way to recompiling a collection that started as a block of 20,000 files and for backup was divided both by year and subject into a dozen separate Lightroom catalogs.  As I haven’t settled on a “best practice” for balancing bulk with speed while separating out for archival protection (transition to the DNG format; additional backup) definite collections like “Antietam in Sepia” — one print edition available at the moment — and potentials like “Antietam in Color” (yes, there will be a series).

With anything involving a computer, resisting distraction becomes part of the smallest efforts.

This morning, I had a request to come up with stained glass window art from the local synagogue, and even with just two old pictures posted this morning (what picture is not immediately old?) , you can see how that’s going . . . .

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