“Straw Girl” Is My “Wilson”, Hunter Hill, March 2009

Strawgirl, Hunter Hill, March 29, 2009

I’ve published this straw blonde babe before — “Change of Seasons — Change of Plans” — (the seasons have changed, of course, I’m not so sure about the plans), and perhaps we’ll see her again come the orange and black days of autumn.

The migration of less-edited stock has one or two volumes to go, and then, I hope, perhaps you do too, I’ll be done with this here-and-there approach to posting from a recovered seven years of snap shots (albeit with terrific equipment).


The humans are missing, aren’t they?

Yes and no.

I’ve moved weddings — I’m starting to think that a thankfully slow business, although I’m happy to be able to do it and to have it — into their own directory; pictures (snaps) of friends also; and model “faux fashion” into a folder that will become in essence part of a  refined archive from what has been a large catch-all, which I am slowly converting into stuff I can’t use and will delete.


I do like shooting people.


I only need people (and gardens) to shoot.

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